It was only in 2012 that a small city in Uganda would soon become a place they would come to love. After a dear friend of theirs recommended they volunteer at Keirungi Children's Village in Kabale, Uganda they wasted no time immersing themselves in the local culture & language that embodied this small orphanage and it's surroundings. Now, those children and all of Keirungi's staff have become family to Jared & Jasmine and there was no doubt they would combine two places on opposite ends of the world to create a warm space to be shared by many travelers alike. Thus, Deo's Alaskan Cabin was born!

But, who is Deo? He is a sweet little boy that stole Jasmine's heart during their first trip. As they watched him grow, his sad story started to fade into the past & a cheeky boy, full of personality started to immerge. His humor, even so young was unlike the rest of the children & the laughter he brought was infectious. Deo opened Jared & Jasmine's hearts, taught them many valuable lessons about life and ultimately inspired them to embody that spirit, always.

Deo, despite his hardships is a happy little boy being well taken care of at Keirungi Children's Village and Jared & Jasmine would like to see to it, that not only him, but ALL the children and staff continue to have what they need. That's why they have decided to donate a percentage of their profits to this awesome children's home, doing big work! To learn more about Keirungi, please visit their website. To read about Jared & Jasmine's experience please read their blog...

Deo's Alaskan Cabin...

Is a dream come true for owners Jared & Jasmine Van Driessche. Both grew up in this small town of Seward, Alaska, married in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California and together started traveling the world, one of their greatest passions! Although they visited many places full of new flavors, culture, languages & terrain, they found themselves sharing stories of Alaska's beauty, adventures and soon longed to share their home with others.   


Deo ("Day'O")!

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